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Ace Enders And A Million Different People Lyrics

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Share With Everyone EP (2012)
When I Hit The Ground (2009)
The Australian EP (2009)
The Secret Wars (2008)

EP "Share With Everyone" (2012)

1.  That's Not Your Real Name
2.  Lions
3.  If I'm Still Not Home

Album "When I Hit The Ground" (2009)

1.  Reintroduction
2.  Take The Money And Run
3.  New Guitar
4.  The Only Thing I Have (The Sign)
5.  When I Hit The Ground
6.  Reaction
7.  Sweeter Light
8.  S.O.S.
9.  Over This
10.  Where Do We Go From Here
11.  Emergency
12.  Leader
13.  Bring Back Love
14.  Can't Run Away

EP "The Australian" (2009)

1.  Ready Ankles
2.  Rosary
3.  Baby Steps
4.  Open Windows

Album "The Secret Wars" (2008)

1.  Reaction
2.  Red Eye
3.  Rain
4.  Motion
5.  Body Like Mind
6.  Why Do You Run
7.  I Told You So
8.  Bring Back Love (Year 2020)

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