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Across The Sun Lyrics

5. A Means To An End

This back and fourth has got to stop
My heart can't take it anymore
Decisions have to be made
Make up your mind
Whether its worth it
To stay or run away

Contort the reasons 
Taken blame for nothing
Repent one more time 
For all the lies repent

So what have we learned 
From the senseless words 
We've said
Its the same old story
Falling farther from the truth

I've never built a foundation 
On which to thrive
I died for love is blind
Take it slowly save the heart
Protect from
The false reflect

I've found that even though 
We have suffered
We all rise to the occasion
We've made our graves
I don't believe that
We can't learn from 
Letting go too soon


And what will we know
After all is said and done
Will we burn our bridges
And swiftly fall apart

I've realized
We're not all mortal
Like broken glass we'll shatter
Still puncturing the surface

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