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Across The Sun Lyrics

3. Angelic Deception

Whisper softly in the dead of night 
Conspire against yourself 
Every selfish act and thought 
Comes back with no remorse 

Incarcerate the one 
Blind with jealous rage 
Invoking wrath upon 
What now remains 

Lay down your weapons 
Become yourself once more 
Waken, realize, release your mind 

Weak willed fall far behind 
Sometimes all that's needed 
One last push 
Straight over the edge 

So now the story 
Has changed course 
What once meant the world 
Is now nothing more 
Than a fading memory 
A vicious facade unveiled 

You long to squander 
Strength that has been bestowed 
Upon the life 
That has now become 
A lifeless shell 
A fossil, preserved in memory 
Forever projecting deception 
A place only evil resides 

The strife endured 
You can't leave behind 
Your hardships, they become my own 
Weighed down by instability 
All is now lost 

No comfort lies 
When the flames have died below 
Still I rest in solace 
Knowing that all was done to warn 
I will not lose myself 
In all this drama 

Swiftly comes resentment 
Burning through no threshold 
The realization 
Of relentless destruction 
Will be found 
Only then the true price 
Shall be paid

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