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Across The Sun Lyrics

6. Before The Night Takes Us

Lets run away
Leave it all behind
The Smokes too thick to breathe
Resist the urge of giving in
Bury the past beneath our dreams
Disconnect the lifeline
Suffocate pretentious waste
Resurrect the will to live
Free of regret, never look back
This is the end
No longer will corruption
Take its toll
We'll never bend
Fighting for self respect
Against the odds
Confronting demons, facing fears
Demolishing expectations
Respect human fragility
With strength and wisdom
Beyond our years
Reconnect the bloodline
Ignite the soul with burning passion
To live as though today will be
The final chapter of existence
Pray it's not too late
To see a better day
Darkness lingers on
Cannot take over if were strong
Before the night takes us
Away from what we are
Before the night takes us
Banish blackness from the heart

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