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Across The Sun Lyrics

10. Belay My Judgement

It seems a lifetime since
Feeling alive, like once before
Determining I will forever suffer
Condemned to walk the earth
Devoid of that which matters most
Undeserving of the warmth of another
Release me now
Cannot relive this nightmare
Free me of this hell
Believe me now
Will not conform to evil
Belay my Judgement
Past indiscretions have unleashed
Affliction bearing down
Greatly deafened any sense of comfort
As time progresses
The terms of struggle have been accepted
Reversed the remnants of my invocations 
Let Them go. Be no more.
Moving onward
Leaving the past to memory
With open arms 
I hold on to the moment
Building something to live for
May it not be in vain

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