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Across The Sun Lyrics

4. Descent & Discovery

There are moments when the vile remains
Created by selfishness inhabiting us all
Begin to consume my foundation
Slowly muting pieces of me
Until there is nothing left
An overwhelming sense of empty
Leaving behind only fractions of a man
Whose life-force flourished 
Within the fire beneath his chest
Now stricken with stasis
I'm reaching out to change
The face of the norm
Must find the strength
To weather the storm
Evolving human interaction 
There is no room to conform
Slipping into this oubliette 
The desire to suspend time
All movement takes over
A wish for silence to fall upon the earth
Contort depths of reality
Erase myself from existence
Until the sun shines
On my reformation
Lucid dreams the catalyst
To live as other people
Delve into the human psyche
Gain intimate knowledge
Awaken the masses

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