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Across The Sun Lyrics

4. Farewell The Favored

From its origin 
The bond we set 
Seemed never failing 
Yet paralleled truths 
Would shadow my dreams 
With a dormant evil unrestrained 

Still trusting nature 
Will allow the signs 
To be ignored 
Never will I falter 
This way again 
For my will eradicates 
Treacherous fallacy 
Fate beckons the reaping 
Of your alienation 

These broken words 
Leave shattered hearts 
Unmask this trite facade 
Triggering loathsome rage 
Unforgiving karmic malice 

Farewell the favored 
The loss is your own 
Remember this presage 
Losing self is much like being dead 

So now this bond is banished 
As infinite as time itself 
Never again shall it mend 
And this farewell is welcome

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