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Across The Sun Lyrics

9. In The Face Of Adversity

The wait is over now
Safe to say
The real work has begun
Gave everything
To make it happen
What lies ahead is anybodies guess
Come way too far
To not see this through
Not make our dreams come true
So much uncertainty
Lies beneath the surface
Clouding foresight
Into the future
What if the signs are false
Not meant for greatness
Would it be all for nothing
Trading one life for the other
Conquering the fear within
Worry must subside forever
Only few can boast
Of truly sacrificing 
All that is held dear
To seize the the rare chance
Of reaching ones ultimate potential
Realizing capability
To become more than imagined
So here's to making the best
Of what opportunity offers
With no regard to every naysayer
May our triumph say it all
Faith is all we need to carry on
Strength in unity will be the key
To take this journey on

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