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Across The Sun Lyrics

6. Pestilence & Rapture

Since the dawn of creation 
Mankind has been hexed 
Constantly torn by forces 
Beyond comprehension 
The endless struggle 
Of pestilence and rapture 

They will be heaven sent 
Or hellbound 
Each with equal intention 

Bribing the subconscious 
Waging war for control 
Manipulation their ambition 

From the womb we are mere targets 
For earthly free radicals 
Shifting shape as they see fit 
To compensate for no escape 

Steadfast with your convictions 
Seek out that which brings obliteration 
Utilize each with positive force 
A Taoist approach will mean harmony 

Now among the enlightened 
Rising above 
Regardless of the challenge 
Transitions with ease 
What once destroyed the spirit 
Is of no consequence 

Falling back to the point 
Of no return 
Deceivingly simple 
Focus, restrain the weakness 
You have found a higher power 

Pestilence and rapture 
Battles within us 
Seeking to destroy 
The choice must be made now

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