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Across The Sun Lyrics

3. Seasons

What is this place
Seems all too familiar
So foreign, yet so recognizable
A road long since traveled
That state of reckless abandon
Unguarded, unassured
Been down this road before
Can't take this feeling anymore
Searching for the one
To prove I deserve to be had
It's not my time
The trend leaves me broken
(Until that time
These words will be spoken)
So what's to be done?
A crossroads have been met
Is there a lesser of two evils?
One road leads to empty
The other confusion
Both leave me without
Asking questions in circles
Someone make sense
Of all this mess
Only certainty 
Is a stronger man
Would have rid himself
Of such travesty
Trading tyrant and torment
For the knowledge
The right choice was made
It's a rarity
Removing passion from logic
Gain some piece of mind
Knowing integrity was not left behind

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