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Across The Sun Lyrics

2. Song For The Hopeless

Today's a day for retribution
This all ends here
Now is the time to commit to the changes
That are needed to survive
Look around and see what's missing
Nothing's as it used to be
Smoldering beneath the wreckage
Of a life of atrocity
Faced with the choice of fighting
For lost sense of worth
Or conceding to failure
Accepting the fate of the world created
Must hardships prevail
Over strength of will
Can virtue be found
When all seems lost
There is hope begging to flourish
Should the right words be spoken
Embrace the ones who learn
To turn and walk away
Salvation lies within
If the heart is open
Only shadows await for those who
Forfeit the right to break free
All have lost their way
Lost sight of reality
It's how you cope 
That speaks to ones true self

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