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Across The Sun Lyrics

2. The Ardent Optimist

Since infancy a void 
Has plagued my existence 
Attempts to disregard such anguish 
Only magnified the hollowness 

So many years 
Have came and went 
Without a single trace of you 
This half a man, with half my heart 
Who I've been searching for 
Since i could walk 

And still I hold on 
To faith that we shall meet again 
I'll stay forever strong 
Until the day I find 
Where I belong 

This broken child 
Collapses forth 
In desperation 
Come in, make this life complete 
And stay forever more 

The memory of you now 
Seems like fading moments 
Passing by 
Like senseless dreams 
That beg to wake me 
From my comatose reality 

Disposed of precious love 
As though none was ever needed 
Addiction over blood 
The time has come to rectify 
What you have done 

This passage is the fruition 
Of a life confession through song 
Reaching out, holding on to the hope 
That you will make me whole

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