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Across The Sun Lyrics

5. The Illusionist

The gloves have been removed 
Lets see it to the end 
May the better man prevail 
With hopes that we can bring 
Some closure to this nightmare 
Never speak of this again 

They say kill your idols 
Yet idols are the source of inspiration 
With one exception 
When the chosen prove to be 
Everything but what they are 

Slipping through the cracks 
Creating peace of mind 
Quaintly slithers down your back 
Undetected, creeps behind 
Siphoning the very structure 
Built upon false pretenses 

Crumbled reality 
Welcomes lividity 
It's becoming real 
Let's put a stop to this 
The past reveals 
What you have become 

A boundless black oasis 
Consuming swelling scorn 
A helpless apparition 
Refusing to make right 
What's been destroyed by your hand 

When all has been forsaken 
I will be the one 
To hold you to this promise 
This war has come to you 

There will no longer be carnage 
In the house of brothers 
This game of smoke and mirrors 
Has been revoked

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