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Across The Sun Lyrics

4. The Infinite Divide

Take one step back
And look at yourself
What you've become thus far
Revel in all that's been accomplished

Start from scratch
Concentrate on your instincts
Let nothing done
Need reprimandation

Go fourth and learn from your mistakes
Represent all your strengths
For human worth 
Is measured in their actions

Take pride in that
Which means the most
Prioritize your life
Make peace with 
Everything that haunts you

What we've learned is to
Forget all the information
Through separation
Focus now on the
Ways to gain some inspiration
Move on with pride

Accept nothing less 
Than the best possible result
Reconstruct passion and honor
Reconstruct your life
You'll find yourself


We can never let ourselves
(we can never)
We can never let ourselves
(we can never)

Be condemned
We can (we can)
Never (never)
Let ourselves be condemned
By the wretched dance
That is hatred

Lock away swelling pain beneath
And never look back

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