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Across The Sun Lyrics

1. Tipping The Scales

Here is a message
For all who seek to take advantage
Of kindness gravely mistaken for weakness
Things are not always what they seem
Take nothing for granted
Be mindful and restrain
Such foolish ways
There's no debating reprimand
Assures your numbered days
Attempt to analyze what lies inside
The ones you seek to overcome
Just might enrich your life
You have been warned
Pretentious action could unleash a force
Far beyond the boundaries of comprehension
Aggravating these limits
Only beckons the beast 
To make itself known
Banishing hate from whence it came
Restoring order to its place
Making known tolerance was tested
Feeble attempts are rejected
To underestimate your fellow man
Is a fools errand
Fueled by arrogance and insecurity
Surely you will falter
So thinking twice
Before disrupting the balance
Is advised for the livelihood
Of all that's involved
For tipping scales with wounded souls
Could help you meet the end

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