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Aerosmith Lyrics

7. Downtown Charlie

Well Downtown Charlie 
Was to piss off my dad 
Well the first time I met you babe 
I didn't feel so bad 
Well she covered me with roses 
Put my hands on my feet 
Yeah, everytime I look at her picture 
I pull my meat 
Well, the gang's all here 
And I'm feelin' fine 
Ah ah, It was a moan it was a smack 
It was a countdown 
Oh, it was a downtown 

Said, swing low slicker 
Future goin' lover 
All is goin' good 
I forgot my rubber 
(A peace sign and I'm sexy) ? 
All I wanna do is get on my feet 

Na, na...oh, the boy's coming home 

'Cause your face lookin' kinda dead inside
Lord see her moan again 
And won't you dance some more
More more...

Well Downtown Charlie 
Said, Downtown Charlie 
Said, Downtown Charlie
Said, Downtown Charlie
Out...all you wanna get it was again in the face
All I wanna do was get in again and swallow her
Said down down down down.....Yak ak ak ak ooh 
Just callin' her I'm feelin' good

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