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Aerosmith Lyrics

7. Joanie's Butterfly

In water still 
The night I met the pony 
It was so dark that I could hardly see 
It smelled so sweet you know who and Joanie 
So many butterflies one could not see 

We all could feel desire 
Took off in flight 
It was hotter than fire 
Then came the light 

Oooh, oooh 
Oooh, ah, now smell the heat 
The dancing pony unwrapped his wings 
To dry off Joanie 
The pony he grew in size 
In thunder and rain 
And finally realized 
A what he was and what he does 
And what he couldn't say

And left to kiss the cheek of Mother Nature 
Nobody here can be denied such things 
Make the ladies you love, come honey 
No butterfly should be denied it's wings 

He were a kick ass rocking horse 
He like a hell bent tied to the Gavin Pole 
It was a one time fantasy 
I got the bare bones, fly into the Holy Land 
Bare back, flyin' like a ruddered man 
Nightmares, and he can't hold a candle to my dreams 

We rode the night 
And took to wing 
It was so alright 
It was everything 
We flew into burning skies 
The thunder and rain 
And finally realized 
What he is and what he does 
And what he couldn't say 

Oh, no, no... 
Took off in flight 
Oh, no, no...
Then came the light 

Flashback, something coming over me 
No sweat, one time fantasy
Bare boned, and all that is the wind it seems
Hell, who's the chick
That rides into my dreams 

No livery 
No stable lights 
No try to please 
Nobody's eyes 
We'll never see us again 
In time it'll pass 
And where did it all begin
But all in good time
Somebody shot an arrow 

Now tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me never 
Wakin' me 'cause you're cold somtimes 
Being seduced will be your own pleasures 
What be his muse may be what he must find 

He was a kick ass rocking horse 
He was a one horned, unicornucopia 
Two, two in Utopia 
Three star, verge into infinity
Na na na na na
Oooh, oooh...

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