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Aerosmith Lyrics

7. Movin' Out

we all live on the edge of town 
where we all live ain't a soul around 
people start a-comin', all we do is just a-grin 
said we gotta move out cause the city's movin' in 
I said we gotta move out cause the city's movin' in 
tell me who ya know, and I'll tell ya who too 
go see my friend and he'll set you free 
tell me what you need and maybe I can go too 
no one knows the way but maybe me 
nobody goes there, nobody shows where 
nobody knows where you can find me 
good morning glory, halleluh to ya 
what is the story and what's been goin' through ya? 
livin' like a king off the fat of the land 
workin' like a dog in a rock n' roll band 
we're movin' -- we're gettin' out 
we're movin' -- without a doubt 
we're movin' -- we're goin' far 
we're movin' -- oh yes we are 


level with God and you're in tune with the universe 
talk with yourself and you'll hear what you wanna know 
gotta rise above cause below it's only gettin' worse 
life in time will take you where you wanna go, where you wanna go, 
x's a bunch 
baby catch ya round, I don't know where I'm goin'

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