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Aerosmith Lyrics

5. S.O.S. (Too Bad)

stagecoach lady, hourglass body 
making things glow in the night 
well, she would if she could, and she'd be good if she would only 
tell her lover she be out tonight 
'cause I'm a bat 
a lonely school boy 
and I'm a rat 
and it's too bad, can't get me none of that! 
Salt Lake City, salt-lickin' bitties 
*** stinkin' of gin 
well my daddy was hard, his face was pretty scarred 
from kickin' ass and playin' poker to win 
it's too bad 
and it's too bad 
can't get me none of that! 
*** lady 
my mama Cady
chivalry was born at her feet 
well she shoulda thought twice 
when pa showed his dice 
*** put my daddy to sleep 
It's too bad 
Lord, it's too bad!

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