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Aerosmith Lyrics

3. Spaced

spaced in time 
child of nine 
doin' twenty years on the way 
fire and steel 
earth unreal 
find another planet to stay 
papa died 
ma survived 
tellin' me about her ordeal 
and the soul she could not feel 
'cause they made her so unreal 
lightnin' years 
twenty million years on my brain 
tryin' to keep from goin' insane 
and my soul I can not feel 
'cause they made me so unreal 
spaced enough to know I feel there's nothin' out there 
spaced enough to know I feel I really don't care 
spaced enough to feel I'm really losin' my mind 
and I'm never ever goin' back 
I'm off the track 
no one even knows I'm alive 
without a trace 
waitin' for the word to arrive 
I'm the last man to survive

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