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Aerosmith Lyrics

*  Three Mile Smile / Reefer Head Woman

(As wild as wild can be) ?
Yak yak ak ak ak ak aow
Oooh gi gi gi ga...

Take a walk in the warm New England sun 
Ain't no time to look for clues 
You get the point of Uncle Sam's loaded gun 
Who be the one to light the fuse 

Take a look, take a look at my old billy goat 
He used to raise all kinds of hell 
He took a dose of radiation dope 
A back in the barn is where he felt, like hell 

Aar...Lucy, a superdome 
Lucy, gimmie the dope 

(What make you think that you could do all the miles you can) ? 
After you drive in my car, car 
What you gonna do when your oil's Mexican 
OPEC boys, you went too far, too far 

Aar...Lucy, superdome
Lucy, Coke-a-tome 
Aar...Lucy, kill me John (?) 
Lucy, sing a song 

(Ah), dig it up 
(Ah), live it up 
(Ah), live it up 
(Ah), give it up, up ,up 

Look out! 

I got a reefer headed woman 
She fell right down from the sky 
Well, I got a reefer headed woman 
She, she fell right down from the sky 

Oooh, I gotta to drink me two fifths of whiskey 
Just to get, just to get, half as high

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