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AFI Lyrics

7. Medicate

Could I
Could I just find away
I'd find you everyday
and we could alter time

I've come to find
everyone's gone away
so this may be the time
for the perfect crime.
Yes, this is perfect.

This is our medicine.
This is our time to

here with me
now as we 
lose ourselves to this (us) and ignore
that you don't even know my name.

come day
you'll say you can not stay
what's more I'll feel the same.
It happens every time.

I've come to find
everyone goes away
I'm destined to remain
you were never mine
so you were perfect.

Can you 
what it's like?
I feel nothing.

Can you 
feel this?
Does it sting?
I feel nothing at all.

Oh, Can you tell me how it feels?
Oh, Can we pretend this is real?

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