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AFI Lyrics

17. Too Late For Gods

Come with us. 
To the water as we celebrate poolside 
Silver line, sons and daughters 
Take the big dive 
Celebrate before rejection 
Before this pool shows our reflection 
Too well 
Diamond impressions 
Lay where we fell 
Without discretion 
All the questions they’ll ask 
Were we raised this way? 
Such a promising past 

Go down in glory 
What did I tell you, 
I promised they’d take me too 
Down with the heroes before me 
What did I tell you, 
I promised I’d give you a story 
Tell me a story 

Now look down 
From these great heights 
Soaring pristine and private 
Through the storm 
We will cut right 
Cross the skyline 
Celebrate, come join with this storm 
And radiate 
We international waves 
With arms we’ve stolen 
Flee but can’t key 
A thing that is golden 

They say nothing was found 
When we hit the ground 
Did I forget to say 

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