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Afroman Lyrics

17. Wonderful Tonite

The more you drink
The better I sound.

Go to the bar
And buy another round.

I feel wonderful,
How many people feel wonderful tonight

She unfastenes her bra starp,
She slids off her underwear.
The beautiful moonlight, Yeaa
Reflects on her pubic hair,

I open her legs.
Then I slowly slide my tounge inside
I say darlin'.
You Taste Wonderful Tonight!

(Haoo) (HaHaHaha)
Yeaa Come On Yea

Hey What's going on mayne,
Are Y'all having a good time over here?
It Don't Stop,
Yo Let Me Hit That Mayne, Yeaa

Say What,..

She sucks on my dick head,
She gradually licks my balls.
She tickles my ass hole,
Cous' this girl can do it all.

I came so hard, I slowly lost my eye sight
AndI said, Darlin', (Yeaaa) You Sucked Wonderful Tonight.

(Yeaa, It Don't Stop)

Hey Get The Phone Mayne.,
[TelePhone Ringing]

Hello?... What

Eric Clapmen Ain't Going To Clear It?

Damn, Tell Him To Sue Me This Shit Is Tight



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