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Against Me! Lyrics

6. 24 Hours A Day

Faced with everyone's worst fear. 
Our trivial lives that don't matter so why are we here? 
Oh what a dream, little bit of freedom little bit of fantasy. 
I once knew what it was, that drove me to strive for a new tomorrow. 
The anger that drove me when I was younger. 
Now I can see the hate that misguided me. 
Sometimes all I want to do is sleep. 
The world would never miss me. 

A sunny day then a starry night work a day job from eight to noon. 
Try to overcome the things up against me. 
She's all that keeps me going, she's all that keeps the fight in me. 
I try and hold onto my roots, she crowds my memory. 
She holds onto me, when I all I wanna do is sleep.

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