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Against Me! Lyrics

4. Rice And Bread

Demo Version


How can you not find everything you need in all of this?
Potatoes, rice, and bread, we'll burn it as we take it in.
You're gonna sing your heart out, sing it like you mean it.
Sing everything you're thinking, gonna sing it until they're listening.

'Cause if it really brings us all together, 
Then I'd say that settles all arguments of difference.
Surviving by questioning, well can you imagine if we all started demanding?
(No! No! No!)

Well I can play along to every record, front and back, every song.
Every word means as much to me as every word means to you.
You can make an industry (hey [x16]) 
Selling people the things they want to hear.
If this is worth anything, we will sell it for humility; 
It will take us farther than the posture we're fronting.

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