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Against Me! Lyrics

6. The Energizer

Demo Version

Regime change under a Bush doctrine. 
Democratic installations.
Constant war for constant soldiers. 
What are we gonna do now? (Oh, I don't know)
De-escalation through military force. Increase the pressure. 
Oh, Condoleeza, what should we do about the situation in Iraq and North Korea? 
(I don't know! Alright!?)

Democratic election under martial law.
An Iraqi president out of controllable choices.
After all this death and destruction 
Do you really think your actions advocate freedom? 
The president's (NO!) giving a speech in Georgetown 
To remember the voice of a slain civil rights leader.
Do you understand what the martyr stood for?
Oh, Condoleeza, do you get the fucking joke? (NO! Alright!?)

Condoleeza (Condoleeza) [x3]
What are we gonna do now? (I don't know!)
Condoleeza (Condoleeza) [x3]
What are we gonna do now? (I don't know!)

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