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Against Me! Lyrics

*  Untitled

No it doesn't hurt
Everything just is and that's just how it's gonna be
There was a part of you, born at fifteen now it's dead at twenty
Gone with all those friends, gone with the people we used to be

You know we never needed high school
Together we agreed when asked 
We'd say fuck you 
I don't need anything you have to offer,
As long as we have each other
Felt like we were unstoppable

Now we've made these choices together
Got the bad tattoos to prove it
Scarred into my arms, these are mistakes, this is the score, 
And these are the stories of victory
The story of how we grew apart

Now I, I'd take a bullet, I'd spend the night in jail
Quitting a job, leaving the town tonight
And still I'd say I'm so sorry, that if I could change anything 
I'd bring us back here again
But I know we're not coming back here again

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