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Aiden Lyrics

12. [Untitled]

Hidden Track from "Nightmare Anatomy" CD


vivid life like terrifying dreams 
and commonly the dreamer is attacked
Chased for the light by the unknown 
during which the pulse increases,
Blood pumps, temperature rises
The episode is common with adults and children alike.
Following traumatic events such as death or demise.
Terror cases require treatment
and some go through a fear of all dreams
A subconscious mind, in a dark room, 
in which images are developed
caused by death in real life.
The conscious mind reviews it
the subconscious mind can usually event it before it takes place,
reflectively, without knowing.
anger, lust, jealousy, hatred, even desire to hurt others.
Emotions storm to sudden impressions giving birth to tendencies,
to turning character, posing a threat. 
For deranged individuals, every violent crime
has lurked in us since the beginning.
As we look to meet the light of a new day,
like in a nightmare.

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