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The Airborne Toxic Event Lyrics

12. This Losing

Standing at your doorway 
With my stomach all tangled n tight 
Have it your way
Oh God, where are you tonight??
Cuz I don't know what I'm doing here 
Or where to begin
So take a deep breath
But darling, don't let me in

A thousand times we've said, 
"I'm sorry it's over again"
I can't live like this
Or feel like this in my own skin
It all seems so degrading 
And the mourning such sin
Face just like a child's 
Oh darling, don't let me in

And we laughed just like children
In waiting, in sheets on your bed
Why we secretly pray
Like we're mourning the dead
And you tell me you're so weary
I know
Cuz I'm weary too
But hold back a tear
But darling, what a way to do

[Instrumental to outro]

And the wine, and the rain
And the feel of your skin
Against mine 
I'm swimming, I'm flying, I'm dying
This face n this fear
Stay with me, Oh stay with me my dear

This hand
This glow
It's only thing that I love

There's losing
There's losing
There's losing
There's losing
There's losing 
There's losing love

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