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Alexisonfire Lyrics

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Dog's Blood EP (2010)
Old Crows / Young Cardinals (2009)
Crisis (2006)
Alexisonfire/Moneen Split EP (2005)
Watch Out! (2004)
Alexisonfire (2002)
Miscellaneous songs

EP "Dog's Blood" (2010)

1.  Dog's Blood
2.  Grey
3.  Black As Jet
4.  Vex (Instrumental)

Album "Old Crows / Young Cardinals" (2009)

1.  Old Crows
2.  Young Cardinals
3.  Sons Of Privilege
4.  Born And Raised
5.  No Rest
6.  The Northern
7.  Midnight Regulations
8.  Emerald Street
9.  Heading For The Sun
10.  Accept Crime
11.  Burial
12.  Two Sisters (Bonus Track)
13.  Wayfarer Youth (Bonus Track)

Album "Crisis" (2006)

1.  Drunks, Lovers, Sinners And Saints
2.  This Could Be Anywhere In The World
3.  Mailbox Arson
4.  Boiled Frogs
5.  We Are The Sound
6.  You Burn First
7.  We Are The End
8.  Crisis
9.  Keep It On Wax
10.  To A Friend
11.  Rough Hands
12.  My God Is A Reasonable Man (Bonus Track)
13.  Thrones (Bonus Track)

Split EP "Alexisonfire/Moneen" (2005)

1.  Passing Out In America
3.  Tonight I Am Going To Wash The Hippy
6.  Charlie Sheen Vs. Henry Rollins

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Album "Watch Out!" (2004)

1.  Accidents
2.  Control
3.  It Was Fear Of Myself That Made Me Odd
4.  Side Walk When She Walks
5.  Hey, It's Your Funeral Mama
6.  No Transitory
7.  Sharks And Danger
8.  That Girl Possessed
9.  White Devil
10.  Get Fighted
11.  Happiness By The Kilowatt

Album "Alexisonfire" (2002)

1.  44. Caliber Love Letter
2.  Counterparts And Number Them
3.  Adelleda
4.  A Dagger Through The Heart Of St. Angeles
5.  Polaroids Of Polarbears
6.  Water Wings (And Other Poolside Fashion Faux Pas)
7.  Where No One Knows
8.  The Kennedy Curse
9.  Jubella
10.  Little Girls Pointing And Laughing
11.  Pulmonary Archery

Miscellaneous songs:

*   I'm Stranded (from Aussie Tour 7")
*   Sweet Leaf (from "Trailer Park Boys" Soundtrack)
*   The Dead Heart (from Aussie Tour 7")
*   The Philisophical Significance Of Shooting My Sister In The Face: An Essay By James Secord (from "Math Sheet Demos" EP)

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