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Alicia Keys Lyrics

2. Go Ahead

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh [4x]

[Verse 1]
Broken promises 
My heart you stole
Lies you told 
Got the best of me
Digging in my heart of gold
Used to look at you
And see the possibilities
I see you for who you are
Boy you've disappointed me

I thought you gave me love 
Was never near enough
Soon enough time reveals 
Love wait of what is real
Know all I need to know
But see you got to go
What have you given me ?
But lies lies

Go head go on and get up out of here
Go head baby
You knew you was wrong
You knew all along 
Must be crazy
If you think I'm gone fall for this anymore
Everybody say no no no no no
Everybody say no no no no no 

[Verse 2]
You still believe in every word you said 
Clouds my head
Leaving me here to drown
Hopes and dreams therefore dead
You point your finger
Trying to justify your mistakes
Our days is goin to be made
So you best be on your way



No need to apologize 
Don't try to make it right
I know 
I should known betta
When you took hold 
I was sold
Using fear to control
Now it unfolds
Let me tell you right now 
What I'm gonna do
Imade up my mind
Its time and I'm through with you
Nothing you can say or can do
Can make me change me mind 


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