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Alive In Wild Paint Lyrics

3. Crimson Roads

Performed as Goodbye Tomorrow

I painted a picture of you on the back of my eyelids
So that, even when I blink, I won’t lose sight of you
But the hand was quicker than the eye once again
Selfish, you paved crimson roads through plains of skin
Without a word, you set a hush to your lungs
This is a silence that will never be golden
You lay in stillness, but your sleeping eyes are open
I lie in wait, eyes closed and screaming

Wake up
Don’t go to sleep, I’m nothing without you
Don’t go
Don’t leave me here, I need you with me
Wake up
I don’t want to have to miss you…

And the letter read:
“I know you can‘t help it, but try not to miss me.”
You didn’t sleep alone, I laid there with you
I’ll never open my eyes again
“Breathe for me. Breathe for me.”
Wake up…

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