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Alive In Wild Paint Lyrics

3. God Gave Me A Gun

And God gave me a gun
Said, "Take everyone standing in the way of what you really want"
So, I took his advice and never thought twice
Headed out to find, to find a victim

And if I never run out of ammunition, I'll just keep shooting
Cause I'm the only one that likes to see myself hurting

God played me a sound, said, "Sing along,
How fragile is the sound when no one is around?
You keep so damn confused
But, love, you always lose
But, child, it's what you chose
Lost and lying on the ground"

So I rose up and danced like an angel with a broken body
Ice turning to glass to run the way across my face

Streets held up their hands to lead me back to my sweet manger
And took me to my flood when I woke up to an answered prayer

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