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All That Remains Lyrics

8. Do Not Obey

Never one to be held back or held down 
I'd write my name so the king could see 
I will follow the true declaration 
And find some hope in what mankind could be 

I've worked so hard 
Let my deeds be my witness 
And let my words flow through everyone 
When free men stand 
Against what would bind them 
No hope for tyrants 
We will over come 

Do not obey 
No masters now 
Do not obey 
Not subjects 
We have held on for so long 
Do not obey 

Talking heads tell the masses the story 
They shape the lie in the schools and the TV 
Our fathers work and intent is unwritten 
By the lazy who don't know they're free 

I hear the story and it makes me determined 
To spread the word that we can't just lay down 
What we read and we see drawn before us 
Is a lie and we must hold our ground 

It's found in you 
It's found in me 
From birth to stone 
We remain free as always

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