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The Almost Lyrics

12. Monster

In this strange tangle of love
I'm learning how to see
In this weird change of space
I"m learning to believe in this life
I'm living, I feel you helping me

If I were a monster
Would you wince
When you looked at me?
If I were a freak would you stare?
If I were a leper
Would you say unclean?
If I was lost,
Would you help me get free?

Time and space are closing in
And their turning me weak
You and me are making friends
Just learning how to be
I learn from you and
You're watching me
This is the way to be

This is real, this is now
I don't wanna go, I hold on
You let go, will I ever know?

When I am a monster
You never wince
When you look at me
When I am a freak, you never stare
When I am a leper
You never say unclean
And when I am lost
You come and get me free

Are you read to live your life?
Are you healed enough?
Can you stop?
Can you stop and enjoy the ride?

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