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Amarna Reign Lyrics

4. Attached To The Walls

He left you all alone, you're broken once again
Your memories and strength will fade now
He left you all alone, you're broken once again
Time to realize that you can move on
That you can move on
So there you sit broken hearted
Feeling lost within yourself
All the words you had ever spoken
Promises made in vein
Such a long road we will walk
But nothing can stand in our way
The bridges we will cross will burn away
The price will be payed, in decency honor and love
And as long as we don't stray, it will end today
If you look inside my cell you will
Find me attached to the walls
Such a familiar place
A place hidden safe from you all
Shut down, lost within myself
My pain develops into clouds
Creating shadows over my heart
Our world has been destroyed.

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