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Amarna Reign Lyrics

5. For Too Long

Too long have I been hiding
running scared from the ghost you became
Giving in to the hatred inside me
ending your life will be my fucking game

So here we stand, face to face
now I'm the fear that's inside you
ripping you from the inside out
I'll fucking tear you up just to break you down

So come and get me,
I'll be waiting right fucking here
So come and get me

I will, turn your, blood into poison
I will, cease your, heart from beating
I will, never, stop till you start
to bleed from your eyes
and are fucking choking on your heart

I have become the murder
sent to destroy the destroyer
this is never ending vengeance
I will rip you from this world

my torment has come to this
heaven's tears fall from blackened skies
forever, I'll be here, waiting
to fight a ghost, that never dies

I will never die!

So come and get me 
I'll be waiting right fucking here

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