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Amarna Reign Lyrics

6. The Fight (Isn't Over)

The end has come for us
a dream crushed by perfections lies
it's a god damn shame to fall such victim
to our own foolish lives
hand in hand we toe this cliff
laughing death in the face
no one changing, no one moving
to fall, to fall

no one can save you now

So don't ever take for granted
this fucking life you have learned to loathe
to fill your mind with such petty thoughts
it's all a lie just to kill your hope
Now fight these tidal waves
to make a stand
this is life is yours, so take it back
so make a move, make a move


How has it come to this
before my eyes is the final chapter
and I don't know if I can turn the page
So here we are, knelt down at the crossroads
there's no turning back
and neither path leads home
So take the reigns,
This fight isn't over.

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