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Ana Kefr Lyrics


The Burial Tree (Volume II) (2011)
Volume I (2009)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "The Burial Tree (Volume II)" (2011)

1.  Ash-Shahid
2.  Emago
3.  Monody
4.  In The House Of Distorted Mirrors
5.  Thaumatrope
6.  Bathos And The Iconoclast
7.  The Zephirus Circus
8.  Jeremiad
9.  Apoptosis
10.  Parasites
11.  Paedophilanthrope
12.  Fragment
13.  The Blackening
14.  The Collector

Album "Volume I" (2009)

1.  Chapter I (Instrumental)
2.  The Day That Guilt Turned White
3.  Feed A PETA Member To A Starving Child In Africa
4.  T.ruthless
5.  Avenue Of The Queen
6.  Chapter II (Instrumental)
7.  The Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body
8.  Takeover
9.  Branded By Black Water
10.  Chapter III (Instrumental)
11.  Defiant We Stand
12.  The Orchid
13.  Chapter IV (Instrumental)
14.  Step Back (Bonus Track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Tonight We Watch The Children Fucking Burn

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