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Ana Kefr Lyrics

9. Branded By Black Water

Babylon, the mother of all whores.
Hypocrisy, the United States of Abomination.

Pledge your soul to the stars and stripes of corruption.
Lose yourself in the grinding cogs of the faceless state.

Sacrifice your mind, your life, your rights and
Everything you could hold sacred.
Fight for freedom, human rights, by taking them
From the less fortunate.

Out in the oilfields, the bodies are burning...
Out in the oilfields, we lost our humanity...

When I grow up, I want to be a forgotten hero.
The glint of a massacre in my eyes.

Let's torch this until dusk, if we must, we must.
Red embers, our last bow, let's torch this until dusk.

You never give up anything,
You'll always live and we will never forget how
You always steal from the misfortunate
To feed the rich; you will never relent.

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