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Ana Kefr Lyrics

11. Defiant We Stand

As the sheep to the shepherd,
And as man to his dogma,
Withering tree and a strangling vine,
Surely all will suffocate.
Plastic mold, world expectation.
Assembly line affiliation.
The voice of one, reflection of something -
Sacrifice the many for the outcome of nothing.

What a fucking waste of freedom,
You're all the same.

Taming the shrewd, deform reason.
Cheap imitation of a human.
And there is no difference -
Instincts or innocence.
Are you man or beast?
You're just a fucking machine.
You are nothing.

Defiant I stand, and always must be
To preserve the sacred "I."
State and society want self-obliteration,
Martyred self for what great cause?
They tell you to love yourself,
But self-love is labeled "egoism."
Defiant we stand, and always must be
To preserve the only thing we've got -

As the lambs to the slaughter,
And as man to corporate machines,
Venus fly-trap and a parasite,
Violence-drowned consummation.
Marriage, faith, the American dream,
Education, beauty - cheap morality.
All that is common is unrefined,
Vulgar smiles coated in candy plastic.

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