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Ana Kefr Lyrics

8. Takeover

Under the caress of the winding sheets, 
A mere conjecture screams out from the sands. 
Embodiment of Neanderthal tyranny, 
One people's will to annihilate man. 

We don't need you 
To tell us what to think, 
To tell us how to live our lives. 
Free to do 
The things we want to do 
The things we know are true, 
So f*** you. 

Religious mindset the basis of doublethink, 
Abolish freedom to establish the thought police. 
How can human rights so blatantly be denied 
In the spreading of your ministry? 
What is Hell but the sum of sh*** humanity? 
What is Heaven but a comatose hypocrisy? 
What is worse, they're all convinced they're right. 
There is no sanity in statistics. 

Allahu akbar, Allah... 
Ana Kefr. 
Ashadu an-la illa il-Allah... 
Ana Kefr. 
You are the dead. 

A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum 
will show you that faith proves nothing. 


We don't need you at all. 
We have got to take over. 
Ana Kefr. 
Kefr forever.

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