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Ana Kefr Lyrics

2. The Day That Guilt Turned White

This could be the day that guilt turns white,
You propagate a pity-party-based apartheid
In the name of pseudo-equal rights.
Your thirst for fairness is a fucking lie.

Hypocrisy stains the pages of history,
Nothing satiates your colorist greed.

What is the difference between 
A colored man and a nigger?
I call it self-respect.
Fuck all concessions, I had nothing to do 
With oppressing your ancestors.
Black pride - permissible!
Brown pride - acceptable!
Asian pride - commendable!
White pride is racism?
Fuck all concessions, I will have nothing to do
With affirmative action against the innocent.

Mother Nature wants another casino,
While you're being paid for being red.
Your sense of justice makes me fucking sick.
Did you know that blacks and native also had slaves?
This must be a new, tongue-in-cheek
Definition of equal rights.

Malcom X was as racist as they come,
Now I see that you worship him.
Martin Luther King Jr. squirming in his grave 
While you refer to one another using slave names.

This could be the day that guilt turns white,
Sitting back and letting P.C. bigots
Shit on our rights,
All in the name of the ideal of freedom.
We lost ourselves along the way.

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