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Ana Kefr Lyrics

7. The Zephirus Circus

“There’s a prefabbed usurper in the big top, the state’s an asylum for the
demented and damned. Swing to and fro until the twine slips into a knot while
the Tamer of Prophets is devoured.”
Is it for entertainment or have we simply been amused? Or are we all
“Ringleader, house speaker, witness the cabinet squeeze millions of
citizens into a box.
“A puppet is a puppet,” so hinted the serpent, “Regardless of which fist is
forced straight up its ass.”
And we’ve all already paid admission through our taxes.
“Stop breathing, stop eating, stop breeding, if you really want to save the
world.”    There is nothing more rare in the world than consistent men, and
nothing so plentiful as lies.

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