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Andrew Bird Lyrics

7. Woman's Life And Love

Performed as Bowl Of Fire

Since I first saw him, I think myself blind
I look around me, and it's only him I see
His image floats before me,
So gentle and so kind, he has got a clear mind and firm courage
o ring upon my finger, little golden ring
devoutly I press you to my lips and to my heart
sisters come adorn me, banish foolish fear
twine upon my furrowed brow
the blossoming myrtle
I serve him and live for him
Belong wholly to him
Give myself and find myself transfigured by his brightness
Ring upon my finger, little golden ring
Devoutly I press you to my lips and to my heart
The blissful dream of childhood has ended
Now I drink delicious death with you my love
Now you have me caused me my first pain … that really hurt.
You sleep, you hard cruel man, the sleep of death
The veil falls, the bell tolls, the black shawls, the carriage rolls
You, my whole world

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