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And Then There Were None Lyrics

*  Action Is The Anecdote

Maybe I’ll be broken like the bones that carry me, 
Living life so lifelessly, 
Or I could be a good scene in a bad dream, 
I could make it something beautiful, 
And just tare it away from what you don’t believe in. 
You’re dying like this living sideways (I’ve been living like this all along.)
I can see that what we have is a problem here, 
and I could be something better if you love me dear. 
Stop, stop with the time you’re wasting (turn my back and run away) 
I can see that the closest thing to perfect is the farthest thing from me.
Then I could make you love me and just me,
And everything would be beautiful
And they could count down the days as we both die.
You can’t stand the sound of silence (You’re going to live your life alone.)

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