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And Then There Were None Lyrics

*  John Orr The Arsonist

Closing doorways as your building a fire,
Watching lies received as you silently conspire
"This is a heart attack and I want my life back"
We can take this if we fake this if we try
Oh, everybody wants you and you know 
that they won’t be alive to take you home
"They found me now and I don’t think you understand 
that I was lost I was lost and I had no place to go 
but I don’t think you’d understand"
Taking chances or just breathing in vain
The four lives lost at cost were twenty times less worth your name
This is a heart attack and you want your life back
"I can take this if I fake this if they die"
And you want what you can’t change, 
but your selfish pride will take the lives of others you could save.
(You knew where the fire started, your instinct was inside knowledge) 
And before you make this right; you’ve come this far without a scar, 
your saving us tonight.

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