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And Then There Were None Lyrics

*  Thank The Watchmaker

If both our lives pulled us apart and we were stuck on both coasts, 
I would still find you. Every night you’d fall asleep and I would meet 
you in your dreams, three-thousand miles away. It’s not perfection, 
but we’ve come so far. Tell me now, tell me you believe again. Well, 
I can see you when I close my eyes, it’s complicated, but I’ll make it that simple. 
Your pictures are the paper that lines my wall, I’m waiting for the
moment you come back, I’m tearing out the pages of my heart and what
you need is what you’ll get from me. Not at the end of the road,
I’d be with you each day, every step of the way. I know it’s late,
this took too long, but I would write you this song, now could you listen to me?
If not for moments, what’s this life we lead? Tell me now, Jamie tell me you believe.
Three-thousand miles is not that far, it’s complicated but I’ll make it that simple.
Well, maybe I could tell you that everything was okay, it was alright.
Take me in on the inside and we could make it alright. You’ll come back to me.

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