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Angie Stone Lyrics

7. Half A Chance

Featuring Chino

How do I explain myself,
Could it be written in a book
Is it visual?
Cuz everything i'm doing girl it just don't seem to be enough
Oh what am I supposed to do?
How am I to show my love for you
Everything I do, girl its all for you

Girl give me half a chance
I'll give you what you've been missin' in a man
Girl give me half a chance
I'll give you what you've been missin' in a man

You got your own set rules
And i'm tired of learning from you
So excuse me while I get away
I'll be better off in my own space
Ain't it funny how, now, that leaving
You want to give me everything
But that's not how its supposed to be

Maybe i'll give you a chance
Takin' me all that I need in a man
What makes you think you can
I need a reason (to give you one more chance)

I'm already out the door
Ain't no need to say no more
Cuz i'm not whatcha lookin' for
And maybe after everything i'm mad ya left me here
It was so obvious you didn't care

Baby I know you want trust (i'll do my best make it up)
Baby please listen, don't fuss
I'll do whatever it will take (to make up for my mistake)
I think its time for us

I know it seems like i'm beggin
But I don't want you to slip away

Now ain't it funny when ya learning
I shoulda been the one concernin
All ya wanna do now is conversate
When we all ready know its too late

If I don't make it back alright
I want to make ya feel alright

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